"Enjoy the Journey" Proverbs 3: 5,6

Leadership Staff

Pastor Keith A. Shockley

Pastor Keith is an engaging, spirit-filled preacher with the ability to make people laugh and cry, even within the same sermon. He is a true man of God and has been following the call of being a senior pastor since 2004, when he began to serve in Davenport, Iowa. After moving around a bit, he…

Marlena Shockley

Marlena Shockley is a compassionate, patient teacher with the ability to make the Word of God accessible and interesting to both young children and teenagers. She has been working with children of all ages since 1998 and has enjoyed the journey so far! She has been married to husband Keith since 1998 and has three…

Darin Stuever

┬áDarin Stuever has a unique, blended style of worship, mixing the old hymnals in with newer, contemporary music. This style of worship has helped to lead a diverse group of worshipers grow closer to God, as well as reach newcomers and lead them to Christ. He has been the worship leader of Anchor Church since…

Robin & Casey Warner

Robin and Casey Warner are passionate about leading young children to God through fun and creative lessons and extracurricular activities, such as glow-light dance parties and movie nights. These attract children of all ages; The youth group continues to grow exponentially under their leadership! Robin and Casey have been youth pastors at Anchor Church of…

Becca Shockley

Becca’s younger mind gives her a fresh perspective on how to creatively teach children. She uses a diverse curriculum, from music videos and dances to crafts, stories and games. Everybody loves her. Just ask the kids!

Jackie Wallis

Jackie’s exuberant personality and passion for the Word of God make her an ideal, entertaining teacher. She will never lose your attention. She is particularly wonderful at connecting to women through her sermons and has been the speaker of the women’s banquets on multiple occasions.

Devin Sowersby

Devin is patient and creative, two characteristics that are vital to teaching toddlers about the Bible.